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Let Workflow Dictate Device

That’s the creed of this website.  Our belief is that technology should fix, support, streamline and improve workflow for an individual and an organization.

Making It All Make Sense

Using workflow mapping to understand how best to address critical points with the ‘best-fit’ device.

We believe in sharing know-how, industry experience, and tools to help you understand:

  • How to Map the Workflow of each of your Workflow Demographics
  • Use Workflow Mapping to guide you to the ‘best-fit’ device for yourself or your workers
  • Match device functionality to the critical points of your Workflow Mapping – to build the strongest ROI for your business

Who is behind tabletpcinmotion.com?

Jeremy Trojcak

Bio: Jeremy Trojcak has worked in 10 different industries spanning a 23 year work history in three countries. During this time, he has consulted with organisations spanning numerous industry sectors, including Agriculture, Communication, Construction, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Field Service, Field Sales, Transport, Warehousing, to name a few. This eclectic background provides a unique capability to illustrate and address the unique workflow requirements of employees, workers, and contractors.Jeremy Trojcak

Sharing this effective know-how is Jeremy’s passion. His current role as Mobility Specialist and Lead Blogger at www.tabletpcinmotion.com gives him access to a diverse range of technologies, including in-vehicle applications, and partners with leading IT Resellers, ISVs and Technology Solutions experts to deliver real, tangible benefits; solutions that help companies do more with less.

He has spoken at many industry events, seminars and Expos about his passion of letting workflow dictate device.  He has also been extensively used to train Project Managers, Project Teams, ISV consultants, and end users.  This training has included many aspects of the device life-cycle, including Selection Process, Implementation, getting the best from devices for end users, support and technology adoption.

Have a question, challenge or training request for Jeremy Trojcak?

Contact him on (816) 982-6997 or email JT@tabletpcinmotion.com – you’ll be glad you did!

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